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April 2, 2020
Amid the increase, California and local officials are continuing to urge the public to carry on with unprecedented social distancing measures.
Chrystia Freeland has been called Canada’s ‘minister of everything,’ in charge of the country’s battle against the coronavirus and designated as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s successor if he falls ill.
California is fighting to supply hospitals with needed personal protective equipment, or PPE. Fierce competition and a lack of central coordination is hampering efforts.
The move comes after prospective nominee Joe Biden said he didn’t think it would be possible to hold a normal convention in mid-July.
Blood centers are ramping up efforts to collect plasma from people who recovered from COVID-19 in hopes their coronavirus antibodies could save lives.
In our effort to cover this pandemic as thoroughly as possible, we’d like to hear from the loved ones of people who have died from the coronavirus.
• Infections and deaths
• Detailed maps of the cases
• The spread of the virus
• Latest testing efforts
• Closures for your county
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Life right now is almost totally online. We meet friends online. We read and watch and work and play online. Our newspaper is no different; we haven’t been in the same room in weeks. We made this guide over the Internet.
With call centers in India, the Philippines and elsewhere shut down for the coronavirus, many robocall companies have simply stopped making calls.
The park had been criticized for allowing visitors to access roads and South Rim view points during the coronavirus pandemic.
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The International Olympic Committee is not commenting on what might happen to the Olympic Games if the coronavirus remains a problem next year.
Former boxing champion Mia St. John attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings six times a week. With gatherings now banned, staying sober is a struggle.
UCLA junior Nia Dennis became an internet sensation with a floor routine inspired by Beyoncé. It earned her recognition from celebrities and a verified Twitter account.
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